Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Set The Right Pricing When Selling Your Home

Here are the necessary top components of the pricing process;

Pull-out the comparable Listings and Sales

Assess every similar home that is listed around your neighborhood over the last three months. Remember that appraisers do not use comparisons for older than three months. So make sure you always keep the updates.

Your list should limit only to homes within a 1/4 mile to a 1/2 mile radius unless there is only a handful of them in your vicinity.

Be aware of the dividing lines and physical barriers like significant streets, freeways, and railroads. Hence, identical houses that’s directly across you can even vary as much as $100,000 in some neighborhoods.

For example, your flooring from Dallas flooring warehouse will be an added value and bargaining agreement between the seller and buyer. Many buyers would love to factor the added-value of interiors because they prefer aesthetic importance.

Compare similar sizes within a 10% variance

Age always matter. A home that is built in 1950 right next to a house built in 1980 will have two different value. Make sure that you compare an apple to an apple.

Moreover, never forget to assess the desirability. Of course, if you own a dream home, buyers will flood in to enter and compete to take out your house.

Check out the Sold houses

Compare the original list of prices to final sales of sold homes. Determine the ratio of difference. It is always typical for houses to sell for more than 100% of list price in a seller market. Typically, homes sell at the listed price than in the buyer’s price.

Get the Withdrawn and Expired Listings

Get the history of the expired and withdrawn listings to know whether any of the listed were taken off and relisted. Look at the patterns on why these houses didn’t make it to the deal. Note the factors that they can share. Learn the lessons and avoid your home from becoming one of the expired listings.

Pending Sales

The sale prices are unknown until the deal is closed. However, it doesn’t stop you from talking to the listing agents and ask them for the selling price of the property. Although some agents are generous enough while some are not.

Active Listings

Sellers can always say and ask whatever they want. However, it does not necessarily mean that sellers always get what they want. Take yourself a tour of these active listings and see what buyers can see when they visit. Take note of the likes and dislikes and the atmosphere upon entering the houses. When you get home, recreate the positive feelings of the reception of your home.



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Friday, February 7, 2020

Carpet Tiles | Carpet Squares Commercial Residential Dallas Flooring Warehouse

Carpet tiles a.k.a Carpet Squares are a great flooring solution with many uses from commercial and office spaces to homes and apartments.


Dallas Carpet tile specials:


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Great for DIY
  • If one becomes damaged it can easily be replaced compared to roll carpeting – this is why commercial carpet tiles are a top choice for offices and businesses!

carpet tiles dallas        ct2

We have many carpet tiles in stock NOW.  Ask your rep for our best carpet tile deals!

carpet tiles carpet squares Carpet Tile


installation of carpet tile carpet squares installed

Dallas Flooring Warehouse has a huge selection of carpet tiles in Dallas stock right now for immediate cash and carry TODAY.

install of carpet tile

General info about carpet tile

learn about carpeting tile..


The carpet tiles are good alternatives to carpeting as you get the soft feel of carpet under your feet with these tiles. If you want to install single carpet for the entire floor area, you have to spend more money for that. However this is not needed for carpet tiles. You get the same look and feel of carpeting with them without the necessity of expensive installation. These carpet tiles are available in different colors and designs. They are made of different materials such as foam, rubber, vinyl and linoleum and you can impart brand new look to your rooms with these tiles.

The discount carpet tiles are available in the market and are considered to be the most affordable of all flooring styles. You can see these tiles everywhere, in homes, offices, commercial buildings, schools and churches. They are quite inexpensive when compared to the ordinary tiles. Therefore the discount carpet tiles help you to lower your projectís overall budget.

You have four types of discount carpet tiles available in the market namely promotional, overruns, seconds and closeouts. These tiles are used for different purposes. The promotional discount carpet tiles are used to test the efficiency of the new product or new color or new pattern or new size. Therefore these tiles are distributed among the dealers who deal carpet for a particular period of time and see how they attract people. To make people fall in love with these items considerable amount of discount is offered.

The next type of discount carpet tiles are overruns. These are offered at a discount price because of over production. When the production and the inventory increases, you have the excess pieces offered in the market. They are distributed to the carpet dealers for a particular time at discount price to reduce the stock. If you are lucky you can grab such opportunities. They are used on the commercial market for specific jobs. So you can buy them at heavy discounts as they are offered to the deals at huge discount prices.

When you buy seconds, you get discount carpet tiles for cheaper prices. This is due to several reasons like large order cancellations and minor defects. Mostly these defects are not noticeable and you can buy them cheap. In most of the cases, the manufacturer is forced to unload his inventory quickly and so he offers huge discount to the dealers. The defects in colors, patterns and other such things would not affect installation and so they are very cheap when compared to other tiles. It is better to stay away from seconds discount carpet tiles if the defects are noticeable.  WE DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU EVER BUY SECONDS!

You get closeout discount carpet tiles if the stock is limited. If all of the products are sold and you have just a little left, you get closeouts. You can mix and match them with other patterns to make the room look unique. You can make your room look like custom designed with this type of discount carpet tiles. Check with your sales rep for huge discounts.

The carpet tiles are available in different thicknesses. You can choose that one that would suit your room interior. Not only that they are comfortable but also they provide insulation. You can make use of thinner tiles for high traffic area. You have different type of carpet tiles for natural look for outdoor usage. Also there are terracotta tiles that give an earthen feel to the atmosphere.

The carpet tiles make the room bright and lively. You can select your desired patterns to get the desired effect. You can use them at any places like childrenís rooms, offices and other areas of house where the wear and tear will be more. The thickness and density of the carpet tiles determine its price. You have cheaper models which are just one dollar per square foot and expensive ones ranges up to forty dollars per square foot.

The carpet tiles are more advantageous than using wall to wall carpeting. You can install them easily. There is no trouble of taking all your furniture out of the room. You can remove one piece if it get stained or damaged instead of taking all of them out. They are installed with the help of special glue. They are extremely durable and will last for a longer period of time.

You can create creative designs and patterns in carpet tiles. You can create different styles by mixing various colors and create borders or center design with these carpet tiles. You have carpet tiles to suit all budget ranges. They could be installed on ceramic tile, cement or stone. The surface should be clean and smooth so that you get a good finish after installation. The padding of the carpet tiles gives a smoother feel for your toes. You will really like them.

Laying carpeting squaress could be said as an art. You can blend your creativity with the activity and mix and match any color scheme. You can create any pattern of your choice while laying carpeting squaress to make your room look unique and customized. When you buy carpeting squaress you have to stack them on a flat surface. You have to stack them one above the other, but do not stack them more than 10 boxes.

When you are laying carpeting squaress you have to keep the tiles for 48 hours so that they will fit to the room temperature. When you are laying carpeting squaress, you must make sure that the temperature is at least 12 degree Centigrade and the humidity does not exceed 65%. You must close and cover the premises. The surface on which you are laying carpeting squaress must be smooth clean and dry. Also it should be non-compressible.

You may start laying carpeting squaress on any type of flooring, vinyl flooring or wood or fibre board panels or reconstituted wood panels. In the case of vinyl tiles you must correct any irregularities present and remove the surface chemicals. If the floor surface is uneven you have to install a panel of plywood before laying carpeting squaress. When you have under floor heating, the heating must be turned off 48 hours before laying the tiles. You must make sure that the temperature of the floor must not exceed 28 degree Centigrade.

Laying carpeting squaress must be carried out according to the manufacturerís instructions. You have to use right quality glue for fixing. This must be compatible with the backing of the tiles. You have to read the gumming time and method of application carefully. You have to apply an even layer of glue and position the tiles. You have to lay the tiles from the center. Only then you can create your own designs and patterns. The laying must be done according to the direction of the fibres. This will be given by arrows on the back of the carpeting squaress. You have to lay them in the determined direction.

Before laying carpeting squaress you have to measure up your room and start the process. You must check to see if all the tiles belong to the same batch. The batch numbers are given on the label of each box. You must work according to the gumming time of the manufacturer. The size of the tiles will be usually 18 inches by 18 inches. If you have to lay the tiles for the entire surface of the room you may have to cut the tiles to fit at the edges.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Your Flooring

Make Sure To Install The Floors Properly

For example, if the customer purchased Pergo flooring from Dallas Flooring Warehouse, the company must ensure the quality of installation in the customer’s home. They will make sure that the customer is satisfied with their floors.


3. Always Make A Room For Improvement

Do not be satisfied with a good service, put effort to make it the best service. Try to get comments and suggestions from your customers so you can get feedback on what your company needs to work on. Provide the best training to your staff and make it regularly since flooring products quickly evolve. They have to be updated on what is new in the industry. Try to see possible challenges that you might encounter to prevent failures in the future.

read more about floors

Be Sure To Make A Good First Impression

First impression lasts. Having that in mind, it is a great idea to think of ways so you can impress your customers. You have to call and let them know that you will be on time. Act professional and make sure you convey the message that you know what you are doing. Your customer’s first impression of you has a big impact on how they could trust you.


Remember, if you know how to take care of your customers, they will surely tell their friends about you and your flooring company. Through this, you will definitely gain more customers.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Growing Flooring Business

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Friday, November 8, 2019

7″ Wide Hickory Hardwood Flooring LIQUIDATION SALE

Hickory hardwood Flooring 7 inch wide hand scraped $1.99 sf! 

Only $1.99 per square foot!  WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
This floor retails in Big box stores for $3.99 per sq ft!!!
This floor can be nailed down, glued down, or floated.

Available in 2 colors only:  Harmony and Wilderness Trail

SPECS: HARMONY  Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Engineered for value, these wide planks of random lengths up to 75” long, have a 1.2 mil sliced veneer mounted on a HDF core. The Meridian collection consists of 7” wide planks. The aluminum oxide finish with a medium gloss level allows for ease of maintenance and protects the floor from the wear of daily traffic. The planks interlock together to be floated, but can be glued down as well and installed on, above, and below grade.

Plank Dimensions: 7.44” x 74.80”/RL x 10.5 mm
Sq. Ft./Carton: 30.92
Construction: Engineered
Species: Oak, Hickory
Finish: Acrylic Urethane with Aluminum Oxide
Installation Method: HDF Click, Glued
Installation Level: Below, On, or Above Grade Level
Residential Warranty: 25 Year
Commercial Warranty: 3 Year Light Commercial

Complies with the Lacey Act
Complies with CARB Phase 2 formaldehyde emissions standard CCR 93120.2(a)

SPECS: WILDERNESS TRAIL Hickory Hardwood Flooring
Wilderness Random Width

Plank Dimensions:  Multi-Width (3″, 5″, 7″) x 74.80”/RL x 13/32?
Sq. Ft./Carton: 32.08
Construction: Engineered
Species: Oak, Hickory
Finish:  Acrylic Urethane with Aluminum Oxide
Installation Method: HDF Click, Glued
Installation Level: Below, On, or Above Grade Level
Residential Warranty: 25 Year
Commercial Warranty: 3 Year Light Commercial
Complies with the Lacey Act
Complies with CARB Phase 2 formaldehyde emissions standard CCR 93120.2(a)

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Fall Carpet Promotion Now In Full Swing At Dallas Flooring Warehouse

The Colony, TX based Dallas Flooring Warehouse is extremely pleased to announce the launch of their Fall Carpet Installation Event. During this period, customers will enjoy access to amazing offers that serve to reinforce the flooring specialist’s reputation for generous pricing schemes. Learn more about the store’s fall carpet specials in The Colony by visiting their website and browsing their online resources.

With the end of the year fast approaching, Dallas Flooring Warehouse understands that time is quickly running out for homeowners who want to refurbish their floors ahead of the year’s final holiday bustle. Dallas Flooring Warehouse representative John Stacy states that, “After your household settles in for Thanksgiving, your home will be subject to an endless stream of holiday spirit as we head into Christmas and the dawn of the new year. Since we know how important it is for our customers that their homes look their best, we’re giving them access to jaw-dropping offers throughout our massive inventory of carpets in order to get things in shape as quickly as possible.”

Furthermore, Stacy notes that many homes will play host to visiting family members and friends over the coming weeks, many of whom may be flying in from elsewhere in the world to spend time with their loving family. “On top of this,” he says, “any families that visit will most likely be bringing their children as well, and children will not be content to spend the better part of their holiday idle. If your home is scheduled to be a little noisy for a while, let us know, especially if you already have beautiful floors that you want to protect. We’ll help you pick out something that will protect them from any unfortunate damage. Tell us what you need, or show us what your house’s interior looks like, and we’ll point you towards our best recommendations.” Carpets can reduce or even eliminate scuff marks in area with high traffic, especially if the owners have installed wood flooring.

The recommendations that the company offers via their sales staff are another aspect of their excellent customer service. Given that the average person may not be aware of the sheer variety of options they have at their disposal, Dallas Flooring Warehouse’s team of sales staff are always eager to help their customers choose the right flooring options for their homes. This is one of the reasons that Stacey suggests they bring pictures of their home’s interior when they visit the store. “Our team is specifically trained to measure the ambiance of a home and figure out what flooring options would best suit it. If we can get a look at your house, perhaps through pictures taken on your phone, we can give you a more concentrated selection of items to choose from.” As a result, customers may rely on the company’s expertise when they shop for carpets.

Crucially, they may also rely on the company’s professional carpet installation services if they wish. Stacy continues, “Buying a carpet is often not the end of the process. You will also have to install it, and this can be an extremely tiresome process, especially if you intend to place the carpet in an area with lots of furniture and accessories. Fortunately, you may take further advantage of our fall specials and ask us to install your carpet for you as well.”

One of the biggest benefits of Dallas Flooring Warehouse’s carpet installation services is that the company is extremely familiar with their own merchandise. Customers who opt for this service can rest assured that their newly purchased carpets will be handled by technicians who are familiar with the material and its properties, virtually eliminating any chance of damage during installation.

Dallas Flooring Warehouse is a carpet installer and flooring contractor in The Colony, Texas that provides professional floor installation services of solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood floors, carpeting laminate, vinyl plank, wood look tile, and so on. Customers may reach out to Tony Johnson to learn more about the wide array of flooring options in the company’s catalog. More information is also available on their official website.


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Fall Hardwood Flooring Offer Helps Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Residents And Businesses Prepare For Holiday Season

Dallas Flooring Warehouse, one of the leading flooring contractors in The Colony, Texas has launched their Fall Hardwood Flooring Savings ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. There are many hardwood flooring savings in their large showroom in The Colony that can transform a house ahead of the holidays. Businesses are invited to take advantage of the offers as well.

John Stacy, a representative for Dallas Flooring Warehouse, stated, “There is still time to remodel ahead of Thanksgiving and family festivities and have a great looking new hardwood floor laid. We have the largest selection of solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring around, and will make sure you pick the right choice for your budget and needs. Remember to bring in color samples of the furnishings or room color so you can get the best choice on your first visit.”

Given that the firm uses their own professional installation teams, the entire process of choosing the right flooring through to installation and cleanup is managed professionally from beginning to end, which reduces customer stress and enables them to carry out an installation within a day of purchase (depending on the company’s schedule).

Customers often take full advantage of this service, to their great satisfaction. Stephanie G., who gave them top marks in her recent Google review, said, ”We were under pressure to have our floors installed by a certain time, and Jessica made sure our deadline was met! She was so helpful with locating a match for our current hardwood floors and making sure every detail was attended to. We are very happy with our floors, and every employee there is very attentive. Juan installed our floors and was extremely careful moving our furniture for us!”

With their in-house professional hardwood flooring installers, any customer looking for solid hardwood or engineered wood floors can rest assured that the job will be done properly. The firm are just as exacting in their supply and installation of other products and materials, including carpeting, laminate, vinyl plank, wood look tile, ceramic and porcelain tile, SPC, and so on.

Cheryl Mohrbacker gave the company top marks in her Google review as well. She said, “This was an absolutely flawless execution of a carpeting installation! Being an investor for more than 30 years, it's rare to find a company that scores high throughout the entire process. The salesperson/decorator, the young ladies doing the scheduling, and the installer were so professional and punctual. I even had a follow-up call from their boss within an hour of installation! I don't think that has ever happened to me before. I'm very impressed with these people! Can't wait to use them again.”

With nine convenient locations in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, those who wish to take advantage of the store’s offers can enjoy the convenience of visiting a local outlet. Stacy continued, “Getting that online feedback from customers is just the icing on the cake for us! We love to delight them, and hope they will come back soon to remodel their house, letting us help them make it the home of their dreams.”

Recently, Dallas Flooring Warehouse was featured in an article highlighting different flooring options on WBOC. In it, Stacy states, “We don’t buy imports from overseas by the container and sell them to you hoping that you never call us with a problem. We only buy products that are sold to us from American based multi-billion dollar direct suppliers with local Dallas representatives, whose kids go to school with your kids and who are here only to warranty your product if needed, and to service their valued multi-million dollar customers like us.”

The article also highlights that many people have turned towards tiles as a viable flooring option for their homes. Here too, Dallas Flooring Warehouse offers a large selection of wood look floor tile, including “Traditions” porcelain hand scraped wood look tile, “Harvest” porcelain wood look tile, hand scraped ceramic wood tiles, premium porcelain wood look tiles from Spain, Durabody marble tiles, Durabody travertine tiles, Durabody vein cut stone tiles, and Premium Durabody wood look tiles.

Customers who wish to remodel ahead of the upcoming holidays are encouraged to visit soon, bringing along their floor sketches, measurements, and color swatches to match. Interested parties may also connect with the company through their social media channels, or contact John Stacy of Dallas Flooring Warehouse, to make any further inquiries.