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Solid, Laminated or Engineered Hardwood Flooring: Which One Is Right For Your Home?

If wanting to have a wood flooringbut don’t know which type to get, here’s an overview of the most common types of wood flooring available in the market today. There are basically three basic types of wooden floors, the solid, laminated and engineered hardwood flooring. In choosing among the three, one needs to consider budget, commitment to maintenance, environmental factors and aesthetic appeal. Wooden floors can be made from various materials such as oak, bamboo, ash, walnut and a lot more. One just needs to research which type of pattern or finish will work best for the entire design of the room. The color can be changed with the finishing no problem, but the pattern of the wood will be the deciding factor when choosing what kind of wood to use.
Choosing Solid hardwood flooring
Considered the more expensive of the other two types, it is also the most durable and wisest investment for long term usage. Solid wood flooringis made from solid, natural planks of timber through and through. These are thicker than most planks and heavier because they are more solid. It is usually installed using nails to a permanent base, therefore, installing it over concrete material for example can be a problem. Solid wood tend to contract and expand depending on the weather but this can be resolved by not installing them too close together and leaving a very tiny small space in between each plank to give room for expansion. This type of floor can be sanded and polished many times over when the look starts to look worn so it will surely last for years without having to worry about replacing it. It is ideal for houses that are built to last a long time. The floor is ideal for families, but probably not recommended for areas wherein children and pets run around often as it can increase wear and tear of the surface and refinishing needs to be done a lot more often.
Choosing engineered hardwood flooring
In the mid-priced range is the engineered hardwood flooringwhich is just as durable as the solid hardwood floor but is not made from one solid piece of wood from top to bottom. An engineered wooden floor is composed of layers of various types of wood. The core is made from layers of various wooden materials held together using pressure and heat. The top layer is the face of the floor plank made from high quality wood that is sanded and finished to perfection. The core and the top layer are held together by a special adhesive. This engineered flooring is said to move less with the change of weather. Because of the layers, it contracts and expands a lot less than solid wood. Many people prefer this because it costs much less, behaves better during changing weather conditions and temperature and it is just as durable as the solid type.
Choosing a wood laminate flooring
Laminate flooringis the cheapest among the three types and for one reason only, because it is not made from wood. It is basically a piece of durable plastic with a printed pattern or embossed pattern of wood on top and then covered with a special and highly durable laminate to make it appear like wood. This is an ideal option for kitchen areas and rooms in the house wherein children can mess around. This type of floor is very easy to clean and the laminate helps repel liquids and substances that can otherwise stain a natural wooden floor.

The Colony has a population of over 36,000 as of the 2010 census. This Dallas suburb is located in Denton County, Texas.  The city was founded in 1973 intended for the development of single-family homes.  To the West is Lewisville lake (in fact 2 peninsulas of Lewisville Lake are actually inside the boundaries of the Colony) and the city of Lewisville and to the North and East is Frisco. Plano, West Plano and Carrolton are located on the Southern side of The Colony. By the way, The Colony’s name is derived from “Peters Colony”.  There are two school districts that service the city.  They are the Lewisville Independent School District and Little Elm Independent School District.

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