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Dallas Flooring Warehouse The Colony Texas

Dallas Flooring Warehouse The Colony Texas

We provide residential and commercial flooring solutions for the DFW Metroplex.  Visit our discount carpet outlet in The Colony. Our professional hardwood flooring installers, tile installers and carpeting professionals are standing by ready to help you! From engineered hardwoods to wood look tile and carpeting of all styles and varieties we have the new floors you have been dreaming about.  Let our design consultants help you select the best styles for your home’s new makeover and save you a lot of money in the process.  Check out our many 5 star reviews on Google.  We can make you happy too without draining your pocketbook. We look forward to serving you!

Moms know what room of the house they use the most – and that would be the kitchen. They’re in there all of the time, prepping school lunches, making dinners, and assembling snacks. While kitchens do need to be useful, there’s no need to make them utilitarian. Instead, turn your kitchen into a classy space, one where you don’t mind spending a lot of time. Here are some ideas from flooring services the Colony TX for getting that classy kitchen look.

Are you having issues with your hardwood floors? Although these floors are designed to last for a lifetime, this doesn’t mean that they don’t require some general maintenance and troubleshooting. Instead, you’ll have to come up with some quick fixes to common issues, such as stains and signs of wear. Here are some things that you can do, courtesy of flooring services the colony tx.


Does your house sound like its haunted thanks to the creaky boards and constant sounds of footsteps even when no one is walking around? Well, these are either the sounds of the house settling or proof that your contractor used a too-thin piece of particle board for the subfloor. Your floor joists might also be too far apart. Thankfully, you can beef up your floorboard from below. If the ceiling in the basement I open, then you just have to add in some additional supports down there to take care of the first floor. The process is trickier on the other floors because you’ll have to demolish part of the ceiling to get to the undersides of the floor. (It might just be easier to put up with the creaky boards.)


This is a common problem that happens with time. The UV rays of the sun that shine in have a bad habit of fading your floorboards. In order to keep them fading into certain patterns, you can rearrange your furniture regularly so that different parts of the floor are exposed. You can also put up curtains and blinds in order to block out the sun. This will help quite a bit. However, if the fading is very bad, you’ll have to strip your floor and refinish it.

Ideally, your kitchen flooring should match the rest of the floors in the house. If you already have hardwood flooring elsewhere, then that decision has been made for you. However, if you want an alternative, consider installing ceramic tiles from flooring services the Colony TX. They’ll last for quite some time and will be easy to keep clean.

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