Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Mike Fisher Endorses Superior AC & Heat in Crowley Texas

Famous Dallas on-air radio personality, Mike “The Fish” Fisher, is endorsing Superior AC & Heat for their air conditioning service and HVAC system repairs. Mr. Fisher has hired Superior AC & Heat for both residential jobs at his home and commercial work at his famous “The Maverick” sports bar in Carrollton, Texas. After experiencing that fast, friendly and reasonably priced service from Superior AC & Heat Mr. Fisher offered his endorsement appearing in YouTube video alongside of Mike Q., owner of Superior AC & Heat discussing his personal experience and opinion of the company.
“Superior AC has helped me with so many projects in my house and over at The Maverick bar as well. Reasonably priced and the best thing I like.. I called the company at 7:30 at night and Mike Q. answered the phone at 7:30 at night and boom we got help in this house and at the Maverick bar!”, says Mike Fisher “The Fish”, Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks insider, owner of The Maverick sports bar and on-air radio personality at 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Texas.

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