Saturday, October 26, 2019

Fall Carpet Promotion Now In Full Swing At Dallas Flooring Warehouse

The Colony, TX based Dallas Flooring Warehouse is extremely pleased to announce the launch of their Fall Carpet Installation Event. During this period, customers will enjoy access to amazing offers that serve to reinforce the flooring specialist’s reputation for generous pricing schemes. Learn more about the store’s fall carpet specials in The Colony by visiting their website and browsing their online resources.

With the end of the year fast approaching, Dallas Flooring Warehouse understands that time is quickly running out for homeowners who want to refurbish their floors ahead of the year’s final holiday bustle. Dallas Flooring Warehouse representative John Stacy states that, “After your household settles in for Thanksgiving, your home will be subject to an endless stream of holiday spirit as we head into Christmas and the dawn of the new year. Since we know how important it is for our customers that their homes look their best, we’re giving them access to jaw-dropping offers throughout our massive inventory of carpets in order to get things in shape as quickly as possible.”

Furthermore, Stacy notes that many homes will play host to visiting family members and friends over the coming weeks, many of whom may be flying in from elsewhere in the world to spend time with their loving family. “On top of this,” he says, “any families that visit will most likely be bringing their children as well, and children will not be content to spend the better part of their holiday idle. If your home is scheduled to be a little noisy for a while, let us know, especially if you already have beautiful floors that you want to protect. We’ll help you pick out something that will protect them from any unfortunate damage. Tell us what you need, or show us what your house’s interior looks like, and we’ll point you towards our best recommendations.” Carpets can reduce or even eliminate scuff marks in area with high traffic, especially if the owners have installed wood flooring.

The recommendations that the company offers via their sales staff are another aspect of their excellent customer service. Given that the average person may not be aware of the sheer variety of options they have at their disposal, Dallas Flooring Warehouse’s team of sales staff are always eager to help their customers choose the right flooring options for their homes. This is one of the reasons that Stacey suggests they bring pictures of their home’s interior when they visit the store. “Our team is specifically trained to measure the ambiance of a home and figure out what flooring options would best suit it. If we can get a look at your house, perhaps through pictures taken on your phone, we can give you a more concentrated selection of items to choose from.” As a result, customers may rely on the company’s expertise when they shop for carpets.

Crucially, they may also rely on the company’s professional carpet installation services if they wish. Stacy continues, “Buying a carpet is often not the end of the process. You will also have to install it, and this can be an extremely tiresome process, especially if you intend to place the carpet in an area with lots of furniture and accessories. Fortunately, you may take further advantage of our fall specials and ask us to install your carpet for you as well.”

One of the biggest benefits of Dallas Flooring Warehouse’s carpet installation services is that the company is extremely familiar with their own merchandise. Customers who opt for this service can rest assured that their newly purchased carpets will be handled by technicians who are familiar with the material and its properties, virtually eliminating any chance of damage during installation.

Dallas Flooring Warehouse is a carpet installer and flooring contractor in The Colony, Texas that provides professional floor installation services of solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood floors, carpeting laminate, vinyl plank, wood look tile, and so on. Customers may reach out to Tony Johnson to learn more about the wide array of flooring options in the company’s catalog. More information is also available on their official website.


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